Did you know that NOT all Omega-3 fish oils are the same?

Omega-3 fish oils are available to customers in two forms: the natural triglyceride form or the synthetic ethyl ester form. Fish oil in the triglyceride form is in its most natural state. Because of this, there are several benefits:

fish oil pillsIncreased Absorption: Research confirms that concentrated fish oil in the triglyceride form is up to 70% more bio-available than in the ethyl ester form. Because essential fatty acids in the triglyceride form are absorbed well during metabolism, overall levels of EPA and DHA in consumers of triglyceride-based fish oils far surpass those in people who choose ethyl esters.

Purity: Almost all clinical evidence showing Omega-3 benefits relate to fish consumption.  All fish are in the natural triglyceride form. There are NO ethyl ester fish in nature. Humans must consume fish oil in the same form as the fish to receive the maximum benefit.

Proven: Triglyceride fatty acids have been eaten safely and with great benefit for thousands of years, while synthetic ethyl esters have been in the human food chain for only approximately 25 years.

Side Effects: There are no known side effects with the triglyceride form of fish oil. However, when ethyl esters are consumed, ethanol in the ethyl ester form MUST be filtered through the liver. Any form of alcohol filtering through the liver runs the risk of side effects. This is especially important for children, as they may be more prone to the toxic side effects of ethanol.

Why are most fish oil supplements sold in the ethyl ester form?

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The simple answer is Economics! The majority of Omega-3 fish oil supplements sold in the US are the cheaper synthetic ethyl ester variety, simply because they are easier to produce, cost less and lead to greater profits. Some countries have actually banned the sale of ethyl ester fish oil supplements. Currently, the US still allows the sale of ethyl ester fish oil supplements and does not require that labels state the type of fish oil used. Unfortunately, this leads the consumer to believe that all Omega-3 fish oils are the same quality and purity. So, if you are purchasing Omega-3 fish oils at your local grocery store, pharmacy or retail outlet, then you may just be buying the low-cost, poorly absorbed, less pure, synthetic ethyl ester form of Omega-3 fish oil.

At Doctor’s Advantage, we are concerned about your health. Our supplements contain only the most pure, natural and highly absorbable triglyceride form of heart healthy Omega-3 fish oils. Please review our 2 natural triglyceride Omega-3 fish oil products below:

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omega-shieldOmega Shield is molecularly distilled, mercury-free and contains 1 gram of heart healthy, natural triglyceride fish oil.  Omega Shield is enteric coated to maximize absorption and eliminate any fishy smell or aftertaste.

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Eye Relief

eyerelief-dry-eyeEyeRelief is an extremely comprehensive product for dry eye.   This product contains natural tryglyceride Omega-3 fish oil, Flaxseed Oil, Turmeric Root and Borage Oil, four key ingredients all proven to help treat dry eye.

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