EyeRelief For Dry Eyes

How is EyeRelief different from other Omega-3 Products?

EyeRelief contains Omega-3 fatty acids, Flaxseed oil, Borage oil and Turmeric root. These 4 key ingredients have all shown to have anti-inflammatory properties making EyeRelief an excellent choice to relieve your dry eye symptoms.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Omega-3 fatty acids are vital players in eye health. First, Omega-3’s help to inhibit the inflammation that results in dry eye. These fatty acids allow your body to contain inflammation thus averting the occurrence of dry eye. Omega-3 fatty acids also help the glands in your eyes make the healthy oil that coats your tear film and helps reduce evaporation. This healthy oil supports healthy tear function. 

Flax Seed Oil: Flax seeds are rich in essential fatty acids, particularly the beneficial type known as Omega-3. These fatty acids work throughout the body to protect cell membranes. A recent study has found that flaxseed oil may be as effective as a commonly used dry eye medication (doxycycline) for the treatment of dry eye.

DryEye-500pxBorage Oil: Borage oil has a very high amount of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid in the Omega-6 family. GLA contains anti-inflammatory properties that could reduce redness and discomfort associated with dry eye. 

Turmeric Root (Curcumin): Turmeric is an herb that contains curcumin. The curcumin component of turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that could help reduce inflammation associated with dry eye. Many studies suggest that patients who take turmeric root combined with fish oil prior to and after refractive surgery may have better tear production and less dry eye complications.

Why Triglyceride form is better than Ethyl Ester

Omega-3 fish oils are available to consumers in two forms: the natural triglyceride form or the ethyl ester form. Studies have shown that ethyl esters are the least bioavailable forms of Omega-3’s compared to the triglyceride form. Fish oil in the triglyceride form is in its most natural state. Because of this, there are several benefits: 

Increased absorption: Research confirms that concentrated fish oil in the triglyceride form is up to 70% more bioavailable than in the ethyl ester form. Because essential fatty acids in triglyceride supplements are absorbed well during metabolism, overall levels of EPA and DHA in consumers of triglyceride-based fish oils far surpass those in people who choose ethyl esters.

Purity: Almost all clinical evidence showing Omega-3 benefits relate to fish consumption. All fish are in the natural triglyceride form. There are NO ethyl ester fish in nature. Humans must consume fish oil in the same form as the fish to receive the maximum benefit.

Proven: Triglyceride fatty acids have been eaten safely, and with great benefit, for thousands of years, while ethyl esters have been in the human food chain for only approximately 20 years.

Side Effects: There are no known side effects with the triglyceride form of fish oil. However, when ethyl esters are consumed, ethanol in the ethyl ester form MUST be filtered through the liver. Any form of alcohol filtering through the liver runs the risk of side effects. 

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