The Science Behind Enteric Coated Fish Oil

Omega-3 fatty acids are required for human health, normal growth and development. These essential fatty acids are commonly found in fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, other seafood, some plants and nut oils.

Studies show that Omega-3’s reduce inflammation and may help lower the risk of developing chronic disease, including heart disease, arthritis and even some forms of cancer.

Omega Shield from Doctor’s Advantage provides you with beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids that are often absent from the average American diet.  Omega Shield is molecularly distilled, mercury free and contains 1 gram of natural Triglyceride fish oil.  Our product is enteric coated to maximize absorption and eliminate any fishy smell or aftertaste. Please review the article below regarding the importance of enteric coating!

The New England Journal of Medicine published a paper that proved that patients needed only one-third the amount of fish oil if it was enteric coated. Delivering omega-3 intact to the intestines instead of the stomach, allowed 3X as much Omega-3 to be absorbed into the phospholipid membrane. The study was done on patients with Crohn’s disease but the take away message about the absorption can be applied to healthy population as well. Another paper compared studies that used enteric coated fish oil capsules – three studies used enteric coated capsules with positive results and one used ordinary gelatin capsules (no advantage).