We’ve Updated Our Formula

Doctor’s Advantage Products, LLC, (“Doctor’s Advantage”) would like to update you regarding product modifications with two of our products, Macular Shield and Macular Shield plus Complete Multivitamin.  As you know, the Age-Related Eye Disease Study 2 (“AREDS 2”) showed that a daily nutritional supplement containing a unique formulation of high-dose ingredients can possibly slow the progression of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (“ARMD”) and may even reduce the risk of developing advanced ARMD.
Our macular degeneration products, Macular Shield and Macular Shield plus Complete Multivitamin both contain AREDS 2 ingredients.  The AREDS 2 study also analyzed the ingredient zinc between dosages of 25 mg and 80 mg.  Currently, our products contain 80 mg of zinc.  The AREDS 2 study revealed that 25 mg of zinc may be as beneficial as 80 mg of zinc.  Other studies suggest that certain side effects may occur with high dose zinc supplementation, which include the following: Continue reading We’ve Updated Our Formula