Dryeye Formula - EYE Relief


EyeRelief is a synergistic balance of pharmaceutical grade nutrients for supporting healthy tear function. EyeRelief also supports the heart and macular health and offers easy to swallow soft gels that virtually eliminate odor and aftertaste. Get the comfort your eyes need, get EyeRelief.

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Pharmaceutical grade nutrients designed to support healthy tear function.

Contains MERCURY FREE molecularly distilled omega-3 fatty acids and flaxseed oil.

Contains Norwegian fish oils derived from Anchovy and Sardines.

Supports a healthy heart.


Why is Doctor's Advantage triglyceride form of fish oil superior to the ethyl ester form?

Omega-3 fish oils are available to consumers in two forms: 1) Natural Triglyceride form; or 2) Ethyl Ester form.

  • Studies have shown that the natural triglyceride form is much better absorbed compared to the ethyl ester form found in most fish oil supplements. Because essential fatty acids in triglyceride supplements are absorbed well during metabolism, overall levels of EPA and DHA in cosumers of triglyceride-based fish oils far surpass those in people who choose ethyl esters.
  • All fish are in the natural triglyceride form. There are NO ethyl ester fish in nature.
  • Triglyceride fish oils have been eaten safely and with great benefit for thousands of years, while ethyl esters have been in the human food chain for only approximately 20 years.